Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Work in Progress

After taking a hiatus for the past few months, I wanted to touch on the importance of unplugging. While it is truly amazing the connections you can make online, relationships that are built and maintained, I have found that it is just as important to prioritize your world outside of social media. This can mean many things, so I wanted to share what I have been working on over the past few months to be a better version of me. Do you have any tips for balancing your life? Please share!

1. Significant Other
This can be your boyfriend, husband, fiancĂ©, best friend, roommate, parent or even your pet.      Whomever is a significant part of your life, deserves your time. Try planning ahead and setting aside time to make that person feel important and a priority in your life. Some fun activities I have found are: mini golf (yes it is still fun!), drive in movies, exploring a new park, biking to dinner, workout class and eat back the calories you burn after (lots and lots of ice cream can do this!), game nights.
*Tip- set the expectations ahead of time by suggesting a no phone activity or something busy to stop both of you from checking your phones!

2.  Family
Over this past summer I have realized how supportive my family is, so part of my goal for this summer was to support them back. You can miss a lot living in another city, but that is no excuse for being the absent one. While in school it was expected I would be MIA for semesters at a time, but now with a regular schedule penciling in trips home is something I prioritize for my PTO. I have never been a homebody, but as I get older I have begun to realize that family may not be there forever, and I do not want any regrets!
*Tip- arrange a dinner or get together to see everyone you want to in a short amount of time! Easy and efficient way to plan!

3. Friends
I may be the only one, but maintaining friends after college has been particularly difficult. With everyone scattered and on different paths it is not as easy to connect with people you used to spend every minute with. Being 1 year out of college, I decided to figure out which friends are friendships I want to last forever and made the effort to visit them. If you invest in your friends lives, you are investing in your friendship as well. I have such great memories of visiting new cities, trying lots of yummy restaurants, and laughing about the college times I miss so much. If you are feeling that post grad nostalgia, use that as fuel to make new memories!

4. Yourself
This one is pretty simple ~ sometimes you just have to be selfish. Taking the time to do what makes you happy should always be a priority for you, because now is when you need to figure out what makes you happy. While I learn more and more about myself each week, I have decided to take an afternoon each weekend to do something that makes me and only me happy. Whether it is catching up with a friend over coffee, retail therapy (whoops), a new workout class, ice cream and netflix, or even taking 3 hours to pick the perfect summer book from the library. This time provides me with the mental fuel for the week. To be selfless in relationships, or to give my all at work I need to be happy and healthy.
*Be sure to budget in an activity for yourself, this helps to not feel guilty for spending money on you!

This list is something I am working towards being better at, but I truly hope you enjoyed this post! Any and all feedback on unplugging and investing in yourself is truly appreciated!


Twenty Rose 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Flower Power

Spring has sprung and flowers are on every girls mind. Whether you treat yourself while grocery shopping, or pass on a little joy to someone else, flowers can say so much without having to say anything. I love the way they smell, look, and the smiles they bring! This particular bouquet I am featuring is very special to my heart and has continued to bring me joy every time I pass them in their gorgeous vase ~ aka a cup because I am only just attempting this adult thing they speak of. Note to self, buy a vase the next time you get tunnel vision for home goods!

The jacket I am featuring is a gorgeous vintage coat in the cutest of colors. Trust me, you will be seeing lots of this jacket the next few months! I cannot get enough of it! Kitschtopia did an amazing job of picking out the perfect spring coat for me, so check them out! I am very much looking forward to working with them more in the future, their jewelry is TO DIE FOR

// back detail, the pleats are perfect for every shape //

This bouquet of gorgeous blooms are the perfect pairing for this spring jacket, the lightweight material and fun color just brightens my day every time I throw it on! Hopefully this post brightened your day, have a happy week and thank you for reading!

Twenty Rose 

p.s. how fun is this hidden identity, I mean the face behind the flowers (I'll have to do more of that!!) 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sunday Series 4

I am so excited to share this Sunday Series outfit with ya'll! As winter comes to end (thank goodness!!) and the sun is finally coming out, I wanted to do a look that incorporates a warmer DAY but can transition with you into a colder NIGHT. Spring and Fall are my favorite, but they also mean you have to be prepared for whatever mother nature may throw your way.

For the DAY I wore the softest sweater dress, this has been my staple through the winter and I love that I can keep styling it into the spring! I paired it with my converses (seriously cannot get enough of these), because I mean really... what adult enjoys tying their shoes? These slip-ons are made for those days when you just "literally cannot". I threw on a denim shirt, I love denim shirts because they are so easy to style and rarely wrinkle. Lets be real, who actually irons their own clothes in their early 20's?? Definitely not me, my iron is still nicely wrapped in the box from the day I tried to become an "real" adult. Thanks to denim shirts and wrinkle free fabrics, hopefully it will stay their for many, many, more years!

I kept the accessories very simple by wearing what I would actually where for a walk in the park with dinner after. This meant simple neutral browns and blacks bracelet and watch for some arm candy, and a bag to tie together the brown and black as well.

// francessca's spring version of the dress here // bag // the watch is michael kors
and no longer sold, the new version is here //

// shoes // I could not find my shirt, but here is the same brand, same place, just a different shade // 

To take this outfit into the NIGHT, I made sure I was ready for the tempature to drop. I added tights, lost the large tote for a smaller cross body bag, and opted against any jacket but rather a long sleeve underneath my dress. This combination kept me cozy all night long! For the accessories, I decided to keep them the same from day to night, because nothing is worse then forgetting where you put you favorite (insert go-to accessory here)!

// bag // similar shoes here  //

// seriously how cute and comfy is this dress?? // 

Hope you enjoyed the latest Sunday Series! Thanks for reading and be sure to follow along on bloglovin, instagram, and pinterest

Twenty Rose 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Birthday Reflections

I absolutely adore birthdays, especially when its not my own. I know it sounds silly, but I truly love spoiling someone else for 1 day out of the year. It is so special to me to be able to make someones day by just wishing them a happy birthday. However, this year I decided to indulge in my own birthday and let me tell you, it was fantastic!

My first year out of college I had no idea what to expect, let alone where I would even be living. It is so inspiring to be able to reflect upon where I was last year and be able to say I am exactly where I wished I would be when I thought of my future 1 year ago. I am happy, healthy, and loving my career. How much better can it get?

Here's a little recap of my birthday week (because a day just isn't enough):

~ The most beautiful cake my thoughtful coworkers got me. I mean cake for lunch on your birthday is a must!
~ My SO took me to my favorite restaurant, I love this place so much and mostly because of the history behind it. This beautiful sycamore tree has been here as a staple of the community since 1806. The sight of this tree (below) lit up from miles away makes for the most special night every time we go! Not to mention, their RIBS are too die for!!
~ Lastly, just a few things that were beyond touching to me, and that let me try my hand at a flat lay (eeek!). From all the kitty goodies (I love my fur baby kitten) to this gorgeous Tiffany necklace from the 90's, each of these meant so much to me to receive! I felt so much love on my birthday, from the sweet birthday wishes to the greatest of gifts, each meant so much to me! I recently have been saving corks to mark new moments, and felt this years birthday cork was one worth remembering.

I am beyond fortunate to have found my little place in the world where I feel comfortable, driven, inspired, and supported. I cannot wait to see how this blog, and new identity as Twenty Rose will have an impact on this new year! Stepping out of my shell to finally start this blog was the icing on the cake (pun intended) to a fantastic year. I still cannot believe it took me so long to take the plunge, but could not be more

So cheers to birthdays, celebrating yourself, and achieving your goals no matter how small or large they may be! I wish you all as much happiness in life as I have currently found.

Twenty Rose

Monday, March 7, 2016

Sunday Series 3

This Sunday Series I wanted to show off my new favorite pieces. I found this amazing suede dress at TJ Maxx for only $10! It is so versatile and I think it will perfectly transition my wardrobe from winter to spring. This feature will show more of a springy look, however the dress looks perfect for work with black tights and a blazer (the combinations are never ending with this one!) Happy Reading ~

The DAY look is the suede dress with these new heels I picked up at DSW. I love these heels, they are short enough to walk all day in, but tall enough to give your legs that long sleek look. I added my go-to denim jacket to keep this look day time casual.
// heels // this seasons version of this denim jacket ~ currently on SALE // 

// similar dress on SALE when you use SITESALE20 at checkout // 
For the NIGHT look, I decided to take keep the shoes to stay in the true spirit of spring and warmer weather (finally) and add a trench jacket for when the temps drop at night. This trench is my favorite, it is perfect for work, going out, dressing up, dressing down, and everything in between! 

// similar trench here, mine is sold out // 

// a peak at the hidden hood on this trench // 

Thanks for reading this Sunday Series post as I took my new favorite bargains from DAY to NIGHT! Be sure to follow along on bloglovin, instagram, and pinterest. Hope you have the best week! 

Twenty Rose 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Series 2

As I sit here reflecting back on my first week as a blogger I cannot believe what an amazing experience this has been! The outpouring of support I have felt from both the blogging and social media communities, is truly like no other. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has read my blog, followed along on social media, and joined in this journey with me. This has been so much fun, and I cannot wait to see where Twenty Rose is in 1 year!!

Below are some highlights from the past week, followed by the next DAY to NIGHT look. Each week I will feature a different outfit, as I take it into the night. I created this series based off of how my days usually are. I love being busy, and scheduling out my days to the minute (actually though) has become my routine. Unfortunately, outfit changes aren't the easiest to plan for so a skill I have honed in on over the years is adjusting my look quickly and easily to take me from day to night. I hope you all can relate to this series, and please comment with any tips or tricks you use to go from day to night!

Be sure to check us out on bloglovin, instagram, and pinterest! ~~ happy reading ~~

// A lazy Saturday morning #ootd //

// The most delicious pre-birthday week brunch! Yummmm //

My DAY look was inspired by the beautiful sunny weather, I swear it snows every week and then goes into the 60's every weekend. But hey, I'm totally not complaining!! Since the weather has been so back and forth, I thought it would be a great opportunity for an open knit sweater. I love open knit, however it can be quite impractical for where I live so when there's a chance to pull one out I will always take advantage of that. I started my day in dark wash denim with this hues of blue sweater. I used my sunglasses for accessory inspo and added black cross body to finish the look! We walked to brunch so I wore my favorite slip on converses, because lets be real- when brunch is on the table I do not need to be wasting time with shoelaces. 

PSA: I take brunch very, very, very seriously

// shoes here // similar bag here, mine is about 4 years old // 
// sunglasses here //
To take this outfit into the NIGHT, I tried to capitalize on the black details from the DAY  look. A brightly colored open knit isn't the easiest to transition, so I muted the color and cut by adding my favorite leather vest. This vest has gotten me through the toughest of outfit changes! I got mine on stellar sale so I found a similar one at TJ Maxx for you, link below. I lost the sunglasses (obv) and traded the converses for my fav affordable booties. I got these from target last year, and these babies are meant for walking! The tread on the bottom is perfect for that "I want to look cute but theres a snow storm" dilemma. These are currently on sale at target in a different color, see the link below! Thankfully there was nothing but sunshine today, however the black leather perfectly complemented my vest and finished the look. A quick swipe of lip gloss and I was ready to go!

// same boots, different color here // similar vest here //
// gloss here //
Hope you enjoyed the second Sunday Series! Have a happy week ya'll!

Twenty Rose

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sunday Series 1

As a minimalist, I love outfits that transition as quick as I do! I often find that my days are jam packed, and before I know it I have to be somewhere else. For that reason, I love outfits that go from DAY to NIGHT as easily as I do.

For this DAY outfit, I wore my go-to distressed denim along with a criss-cross hemmed white shirt. I love the hem because it cuts high to low and adds detail to the front! The buttons on the shirt gave me the inspo to accessorize with some of my favorite everyday gold rings that you can find here and here.

opal gold ring // similar pair of distressed denim  // everyday black flats on SALE  // similar white shirt

I had to share with you the nail color I just got. It is Olivia Palemero x Ciate London Nail Collection in the off duty nude color. The color goes on easy (definitely do a few coats), and I topped it off with my Essie Top Coat to get that shiny nail salon look!

// nail color here //  

For NIGHT, I traded my basic black flats for some pointy heels and I was ready to meet the girls!

// similar heels here at reduced price //

These jeans are great because with a flick of the wrist I was able to accentuate one of my favorite features, my ankle bones. I love the way a pointy toe elongates the leg (to my fellow short girls, I know you know what I am talking about) and makes the outfit sleek and sophisticated.

What are your favorite go-to outfits when you find yourself running errands all day?
How do you take one outfit from casual day to dressy night?

Twenty Rose

Hello and Welcome

I am beyond excited to begin this adventure, so first off thank you so much for stopping by my site to check it out! I am a recent graduate working in my dream job, attempting to create an escape for me and all of my readers! My goal is to make this site as much about YOU as me, I hope that here you can break free of any limitations and express yourself in a judgement free zone. Cheers to trying new things, evolving, and life.
nail color // rings // faux fur // details coming soon!

// outfit details coming soon //

Since my job and future career goals require a certain amount of anonymity and professionalism, I will never reveal myself. As you can see, my face will be carefully cropped (thanks iPhoto!) and any details of my location disguised. My online identity from here on out is Twenty Rose, and I cannot wait to share all that she has in store for you all.

Check back for my next post, including all the details on my outfit as I take it from SunDAY to SunNIGHT on this gorgeous sunny day in ... oops can't tell!

Twenty Rose

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