Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Work in Progress

After taking a hiatus for the past few months, I wanted to touch on the importance of unplugging. While it is truly amazing the connections you can make online, relationships that are built and maintained, I have found that it is just as important to prioritize your world outside of social media. This can mean many things, so I wanted to share what I have been working on over the past few months to be a better version of me. Do you have any tips for balancing your life? Please share!

1. Significant Other
This can be your boyfriend, husband, fiancĂ©, best friend, roommate, parent or even your pet.      Whomever is a significant part of your life, deserves your time. Try planning ahead and setting aside time to make that person feel important and a priority in your life. Some fun activities I have found are: mini golf (yes it is still fun!), drive in movies, exploring a new park, biking to dinner, workout class and eat back the calories you burn after (lots and lots of ice cream can do this!), game nights.
*Tip- set the expectations ahead of time by suggesting a no phone activity or something busy to stop both of you from checking your phones!

2.  Family
Over this past summer I have realized how supportive my family is, so part of my goal for this summer was to support them back. You can miss a lot living in another city, but that is no excuse for being the absent one. While in school it was expected I would be MIA for semesters at a time, but now with a regular schedule penciling in trips home is something I prioritize for my PTO. I have never been a homebody, but as I get older I have begun to realize that family may not be there forever, and I do not want any regrets!
*Tip- arrange a dinner or get together to see everyone you want to in a short amount of time! Easy and efficient way to plan!

3. Friends
I may be the only one, but maintaining friends after college has been particularly difficult. With everyone scattered and on different paths it is not as easy to connect with people you used to spend every minute with. Being 1 year out of college, I decided to figure out which friends are friendships I want to last forever and made the effort to visit them. If you invest in your friends lives, you are investing in your friendship as well. I have such great memories of visiting new cities, trying lots of yummy restaurants, and laughing about the college times I miss so much. If you are feeling that post grad nostalgia, use that as fuel to make new memories!

4. Yourself
This one is pretty simple ~ sometimes you just have to be selfish. Taking the time to do what makes you happy should always be a priority for you, because now is when you need to figure out what makes you happy. While I learn more and more about myself each week, I have decided to take an afternoon each weekend to do something that makes me and only me happy. Whether it is catching up with a friend over coffee, retail therapy (whoops), a new workout class, ice cream and netflix, or even taking 3 hours to pick the perfect summer book from the library. This time provides me with the mental fuel for the week. To be selfless in relationships, or to give my all at work I need to be happy and healthy.
*Be sure to budget in an activity for yourself, this helps to not feel guilty for spending money on you!

This list is something I am working towards being better at, but I truly hope you enjoyed this post! Any and all feedback on unplugging and investing in yourself is truly appreciated!


Twenty Rose