Thursday, March 24, 2016

Flower Power

Spring has sprung and flowers are on every girls mind. Whether you treat yourself while grocery shopping, or pass on a little joy to someone else, flowers can say so much without having to say anything. I love the way they smell, look, and the smiles they bring! This particular bouquet I am featuring is very special to my heart and has continued to bring me joy every time I pass them in their gorgeous vase ~ aka a cup because I am only just attempting this adult thing they speak of. Note to self, buy a vase the next time you get tunnel vision for home goods!

The jacket I am featuring is a gorgeous vintage coat in the cutest of colors. Trust me, you will be seeing lots of this jacket the next few months! I cannot get enough of it! Kitschtopia did an amazing job of picking out the perfect spring coat for me, so check them out! I am very much looking forward to working with them more in the future, their jewelry is TO DIE FOR

// back detail, the pleats are perfect for every shape //

This bouquet of gorgeous blooms are the perfect pairing for this spring jacket, the lightweight material and fun color just brightens my day every time I throw it on! Hopefully this post brightened your day, have a happy week and thank you for reading!

Twenty Rose 

p.s. how fun is this hidden identity, I mean the face behind the flowers (I'll have to do more of that!!)