Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello and Welcome

I am beyond excited to begin this adventure, so first off thank you so much for stopping by my site to check it out! I am a recent graduate working in my dream job, attempting to create an escape for me and all of my readers! My goal is to make this site as much about YOU as me, I hope that here you can break free of any limitations and express yourself in a judgement free zone. Cheers to trying new things, evolving, and life.
nail color // rings // faux fur // details coming soon!

// outfit details coming soon //

Since my job and future career goals require a certain amount of anonymity and professionalism, I will never reveal myself. As you can see, my face will be carefully cropped (thanks iPhoto!) and any details of my location disguised. My online identity from here on out is Twenty Rose, and I cannot wait to share all that she has in store for you all.

Check back for my next post, including all the details on my outfit as I take it from SunDAY to SunNIGHT on this gorgeous sunny day in ... oops can't tell!

Twenty Rose

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