Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Series 2

As I sit here reflecting back on my first week as a blogger I cannot believe what an amazing experience this has been! The outpouring of support I have felt from both the blogging and social media communities, is truly like no other. So thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has read my blog, followed along on social media, and joined in this journey with me. This has been so much fun, and I cannot wait to see where Twenty Rose is in 1 year!!

Below are some highlights from the past week, followed by the next DAY to NIGHT look. Each week I will feature a different outfit, as I take it into the night. I created this series based off of how my days usually are. I love being busy, and scheduling out my days to the minute (actually though) has become my routine. Unfortunately, outfit changes aren't the easiest to plan for so a skill I have honed in on over the years is adjusting my look quickly and easily to take me from day to night. I hope you all can relate to this series, and please comment with any tips or tricks you use to go from day to night!

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// A lazy Saturday morning #ootd //

// The most delicious pre-birthday week brunch! Yummmm //

My DAY look was inspired by the beautiful sunny weather, I swear it snows every week and then goes into the 60's every weekend. But hey, I'm totally not complaining!! Since the weather has been so back and forth, I thought it would be a great opportunity for an open knit sweater. I love open knit, however it can be quite impractical for where I live so when there's a chance to pull one out I will always take advantage of that. I started my day in dark wash denim with this hues of blue sweater. I used my sunglasses for accessory inspo and added black cross body to finish the look! We walked to brunch so I wore my favorite slip on converses, because lets be real- when brunch is on the table I do not need to be wasting time with shoelaces. 

PSA: I take brunch very, very, very seriously

// shoes here // similar bag here, mine is about 4 years old // 
// sunglasses here //
To take this outfit into the NIGHT, I tried to capitalize on the black details from the DAY  look. A brightly colored open knit isn't the easiest to transition, so I muted the color and cut by adding my favorite leather vest. This vest has gotten me through the toughest of outfit changes! I got mine on stellar sale so I found a similar one at TJ Maxx for you, link below. I lost the sunglasses (obv) and traded the converses for my fav affordable booties. I got these from target last year, and these babies are meant for walking! The tread on the bottom is perfect for that "I want to look cute but theres a snow storm" dilemma. These are currently on sale at target in a different color, see the link below! Thankfully there was nothing but sunshine today, however the black leather perfectly complemented my vest and finished the look. A quick swipe of lip gloss and I was ready to go!

// same boots, different color here // similar vest here //
// gloss here //
Hope you enjoyed the second Sunday Series! Have a happy week ya'll!

Twenty Rose